14 November 2016 – In addition to our capability for complex and small scale machining (500 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm), the Slim3n is a vertical machining centre for milling, drilling, tapping and precise thread cutting. This machine is built with 15,000 rpm spindle system, 1.3 s acceleration and a fast axis speed of 48 m/min with an impressive dynamic acceleration/deceleration of X = 1 G, Y = 1 G, Z = 1.5 G. A chip-to-chip time of just 3 s counteracts the problem of non-machining periods, which can account for 60–70% of the time with preformed aluminium workpieces. With its quick response and high productivity performance, Jecmetal is getting total of 2 units and the second one will be arrived by January 2017.
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