5 May 2017 – As part of Jecmetal’s expansion and development plan, a few investments mark a significant milestone in the company’s history. This including an extended space of 10,000 sqf from existing 60,000 sqf to accommodate the new machines as well as relocation of certain departments to fit into our direction for future growth.
In line with our commitment to aerospace industry, subsequent to the installation of a 5 axis vertical machining centre, the Mazak VARIAXIS i-700 in last year, we are pleased to announce the arrival of another 5 axis horizontal machining center, the Makino MAG1. It integrates speed and power of the spindle with a machine platform that provides rapid precision contouring capability. This equipment is specifically designed for high productivity machining of complex aluminium monolithic parts for aerospace below 1500mm like the leading edge, trailing edge, and ribs.
The accuracy constraint of larger volume measurement above 3000mm has now been resolved. LEICA Absolute Tracker AT960-Mid Range is a robust laser tracker that offering high-speed dynamic measurement as standard, a complete solution for six degrees of freedom (6DoF) probing, scanning and automated inspection as well as reflector measurements. We anticipate the increase of demand in large fabrication and modification works especially for the aerospace industry, also to support our recently invested 5 axis 6000mm vertical machining center, led us to believe it is the right choice to accomplish our business goals.
Not just about milling, 2 units of Mazak Quick Turn Smart (QSM) 150S had just been brought to site. These turning machines combines productivity, high-accuracy, and high-reliability that give us a raise in capacity to cater part within 250mm diameter and 260mm in length.
We are growing as we are committed to continuously develop our capabilities for the industries. It is our core to deliver higher value and satisfaction to our customers. Click here to see more of our capabilities.